Howletts welcomes Isabella

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A new European bison calf has been born at Howletts Wild Animal Park. She was born on 17th January 2011 and named Isabella.

She is now 4 weeks old and should soon be in an outside enclosure for visitors to see. I am looking forward to seeing the vulnerable species at my next visit to the Wild Animal Park.

The birth of Isabella comes as a miracle as her mother was very ill in early 2010. Keepers were not convinced that she would recover. Almost a year down the line however she has given birth to her 7th calf. Howletts and Port Lympne are pleased with their continuing successful breeding programmes.


Howletts Elephant saved by Kent Fire and Rescue service

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Kent fire and rescue service helped to save the life of an elephant at Howletts Wild Animal Park. Umna the 13 year old African elephant became extremely ill with colic and collapsed on to its side.

Keepers reported that the elephant was too heavy for them to lift with the equipment they had. After several attempts to lift 2 tonne elephant Howletts called on the Kent fire and rescue service to help them mobilise Umna.

The illness if life threatening and it is essential that the animal was winched using heavy duty lifting equipment provided by the fire service. Many people were involved in saving this beautiful animals life enabling people from all over to visit her in the future.

Wild Animal Safari without the price tag

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Port Lympne AmbamThe local wild animal park down the road, in Hythe is investing £1 million into their African Safari. I am so excited to take the kids down to Port Lympne to experience an African Safari in the Easter holidays.

They have just started construction to enlarge the safari park from 100 acres to 500 acres. Unfortunately it won’t quite be ready for this half term, but it will be interesting to go now and see the transformation.

The children are so excited to go and see the famous walking silverback that they can’t wait until Easter. Apparently there will be trucks and land rovers to take you around like you are on a real safari.

It will be a great family day out for us all, just hope the weather might resemble the African climate.

Howletts for February half term

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Howletts GorillasFebruary’s school half term is fast approaching and I have been looking at different places to take the kids. They are so difficult to keep entertained and with their friends jetting off to sunnier places it’s becoming so difficult to keep up.

I am eager to find an entertaining day out in Kent. After having a look around the internet I have stumbled across Aspinall foundations Howletts Wild Animal Park.

Not only should the exotic animals keep the kids entertained it looks like it will be something I would quite enjoy. They offer some great experiences that the kids could get involved with too.

Partnered park, Port Lympne also offers a safari park experience. Who needs to jet off for a safari experience?