Port Lympne Wedding worth £10,000 is won

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port lympne mansionA £10,000 wedding at Port Lympne wedding venue in Kent has been won by a lucky couple from Gravesend.

50 couples entered into a local radio competition to try and win their dream wedding at Howletts sister park, Port Lympne. The Mansion at Port Lympne offers stunning scenery across landscaped gardens.

Tim Leech and Natasha Gant were the lucky couple that chose a lucky favours box containing a gold heart that was symbolic of their triumph.

Tim and Natasha not only won a wedding but the most divine wedding on offer at Port Lympne, the platinum package. This means that on arrival guests will receive champagne and canapé’s together with £125 per head at the wedding breakfast.

Sounds lovely to me, will have to listen to the radio more and see what exciting competitions are out there.


Walking Gorilla turns 21

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walking gorillaThe walking gorilla at Port Lympne, Ambam has recently celebrated his 21st birthday. I really can’t wait to head down to the safari park in Kent this Easter Bank holiday weekend.

I first stumbled across Ambam on YouTube and since then he managed to acquire millions of views worldwide.

He received presents to open that were filled with kissed seeds to celebrate his birthday and stimulate foraging and problem-solving. Sadly Ambam sat to open his presents but I’ve got my fingers crossed that he will be showing off his walking talent when I got to see him.

Baby Howler Monkey at Port Lympne

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port lympne howler monkeyI love writing about cute new animals and this blog is no different. Port Lympne welcomed a gorgeous baby Howler monkey to their wild animal park in February.

I am going to take my nephew to Port Lympne in the Easter Holidays to see this cute new addition to the Howler monkey family.

I find the birth of this young male especially interesting as his mother; Tolkien is almost blind due to cataracts when she was younger. Sadly after an operation she still can’t focus.

The new baby however will join his brothers Legolas, Gimli and Merry and will probably attain a The Lord of the Rings themed name.

While I am there I am going to check out their new safari park and make this a great day out in Kent for my nephew…and me!

Baby Gorillas at Howletts

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Howletts baby gorillaSo cute! Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent welcomes two new baby gorillas. The first is confirmed to be male born 31st January 2011 and they named him Jouki. The second has not been confirmed but believed to be male, born 22nd February 2011 and keepers have named him Bou.

These gorgeous gorillas have been looked after by Howletts working in conjunction with The Aspinall Foundation. The Western Lowland Gorilla faces extinction so the arrival of two youngsters is a great achievement for the captive breeding programme.

With the sun shining and the arrival of these adorable baby Gorillas this gives me a great excuse to head down to Howletts and get a Howletts Passport, allowing me to visit the park for free for an entire year. Sister park Port Lypmne also works in partnership with The Aspinall Foundation to help look after a variety of endangered species.