Howletts baby gorillaSo cute! Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent welcomes two new baby gorillas. The first is confirmed to be male born 31st January 2011 and they named him Jouki. The second has not been confirmed but believed to be male, born 22nd February 2011 and keepers have named him Bou.

These gorgeous gorillas have been looked after by Howletts working in conjunction with The Aspinall Foundation. The Western Lowland Gorilla faces extinction so the arrival of two youngsters is a great achievement for the captive breeding programme.

With the sun shining and the arrival of these adorable baby Gorillas this gives me a great excuse to head down to Howletts and get a Howletts Passport, allowing me to visit the park for free for an entire year. Sister park Port Lypmne also works in partnership with The Aspinall Foundation to help look after a variety of endangered species.