Enjoy the South of England Event

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The summer brings exciting county events and a variety of shows that promote British talent. I particularly enjoy attending the South of England show in Ardingly, West Sussex. The show starts from the 9th of June and ends the 11th June 2011.

There really is something for everyone and it makes for a great family day out. I really love disappearing off into shopper’s paradise which is filled with local crafts, clothing and rocking horses. The rocking horse is an interest of mine as they are all hand crafted to suit the individual or they have a range of antique rocking horses for people that love tradition.

Whilst I lose myself in the shopping village my partner wonders off to watch the motorbike shows and equestrian events. We then meet afterwards to enjoy some of the local produce and stroll through the beautiful flower shows.


Howletts Animal Park Welcomes Four Monkeys

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wild animal parkHowletts Animal Park and Port Lympne safari park have both welcomed new additions to their parks. Howletts have welcomed four Dusky Langurs in less than three weeks all to four different families.

The four infants were born between 31st March and 17th April 2011, three of which are thought to be female. Howletts is one of three zoos in Europe to keep the Dusky Langurs aka Duskey leaf monkeys. Thanks to the new arrivals Howletts now homes 19 of these monkeys which makes this the biggest group in the world.

These monkeys are so adorable and I feel quite privileged to live a stone’s throw away from Howletts Wildlife Park. The breeding programme has continued to be successful over the years and now accounts for 19 of these monkey compared to the two Howletts began with in 1992.

Southern Comfort Rocking Horse Brings Rider Luck

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Mark Todd winner of the first Badminton Horse Trials returned this year not only to participate but also to say hello to rocking horse in the Duke of Beaufort’s home. The wooden rocking horse was made by Stevenson Brothers to resemble Mark Todd’s winning horse in 1980, Southern Comfort.

Mark Todd, now 55 years old participated and took first place at the Badminton horse trials again this year. It is the fourth time he has walked away with the top spot at this prestigious event, 31years after his first win in 1980.

The antique rocking horse sits proudly in the manor house. Maybe the Southern Comfort lookalike being present brings Mark Todd good luck at the Badminton Horse Trials.

Ice lollies enjoyed at Kent animal parks

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As we are all enjoying the lovely weather Howletts and Port Lympne animal parks are using their initiative to keep their animals cool.

Over at Port Lympne safari park apple ice blocks have been made to cool down their Giraffes. The keepers enjoy making these natural fruit blocks as it acts as part of their enrichment. It provides a new experience for the Giraffes which encourages problem solving and behaviours they would have learnt from the wild.

Down the road at Howletts wildlife park, Black and White Ruffed lemurs were also handed fruit lollies made by the keepers. It is pretty cool to see animals holding ice lollies and almost mimic human behaviour and understand the trust keepers have errant from the animals.

Let’s hope the weather continues so the animals will keep getting little treats along the way.