wild animal parkHowletts Animal Park and Port Lympne safari park have both welcomed new additions to their parks. Howletts have welcomed four Dusky Langurs in less than three weeks all to four different families.

The four infants were born between 31st March and 17th April 2011, three of which are thought to be female. Howletts is one of three zoos in Europe to keep the Dusky Langurs aka Duskey leaf monkeys. Thanks to the new arrivals Howletts now homes 19 of these monkeys which makes this the biggest group in the world.

These monkeys are so adorable and I feel quite privileged to live a stone’s throw away from Howletts Wildlife Park. The breeding programme has continued to be successful over the years and now accounts for 19 of these monkey compared to the two Howletts began with in 1992.