Adopt An Animal

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adopt an animalThese days it’s difficult not to feel a social responsibility to give something back to our communities and to charities. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can donate and do your bit.
There are many charities that give you the option to donate a small amount on a monthly basis. These are relatively easy to set up, and some allow you to simply text a number with a code.

Many endangered animal charities give you the option to adopt an animal. For a monthly fee, you will be sent information about your chosen animal and a cuddly toy or similar present which is designed to represent your adoptee. You will then be given regular updates about how your animal is progressing including how your donations are helping. This can be a particularly rewarding way to help support animal charities and support their work protecting animals in the wild and captivity.

If you can’t afford to give money, giving your time by volunteering can be just as beneficial. Almost every charity has volunteer placements, although these can be highly competitive, especially for very popular and well-known charities. Some volunteer placements require you to undergo training in order to get you prepared for the role, so be aware you may have to give up more time than you had originally thought.
Another way to help without spending much money is to complete a sponsored event. Many charities have high profile events that you can sign up to and gain sponsorship. These range from sporting events such as Race for Life, to annual events such as Comic/Sport Relief and Children in Need.

Whatever way you wish to choose to give something back, you can sleep soundly knowing that you’ve done your bit for society.


Zookeeper Competition from Animal Park

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family day outPort Lympne and Howletts animal park ran a competition for visitors to win a private showing of the new Zookeeper film in collaboration with KM Group. The film puts a humorous spin on the daily life of a Zookeeper which the parks found very amusing.

I have seen the film, sadly I was not lucky enough to see the film as a result of the competition but I too found it hilarious. Kevin James plays a very amusing character and it is great fun to follow his story.

I would recommend the film as a family comedy of a dedicated zookeeper that does not have the best luck when it comes to his love life. He decides to leave his job in order to improve his love life but then the animals break their silence and talk to him in the hope that he will stay.

I took my nephew to see the film and then took him to Port Lympne to see the animals in real life. Both occasions made great family days out in Kent and I can’t wait to take him back thank to the Port Lympne passport.