Halloween at Howletts Wild Animal Park

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animal park halloweenHowletts Animal Park is having a fun filled October half term and is inviting visitors to join in the fun. I have been to their website to have a look at the activities I can take my nephew to in the school holidays.

To continue with a Halloween theme the animal park will be conducting a pumpkin trail for visitors around the park. Howletts have prepared a mildly scary trail filled with scary details about their animals.

Visitors can find out freaky information about the creepy crawlies or even be a part of the animals enrichment programme. Of course all these activities are complete with a Halloween theme.

These types of activities make great days out in Kent. Last time I took my nephew to Howletts we purchased the Howletts passport so we can return free of charge for the entire year, meaning our day out in the half term will be nice and cheap.


Animal Park in Kent Welcomes Another Baby Gorilla

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animal park monkey
On the 15th of August Howletts welcomed yet another baby gorilla to their animal park this year. Gorillas are known for breeding slowly however this is the fifth infant that Tamba has successfully given birth to.

Visitors to the animal park were in awe over the newest edition to the family. Between Port Lympne and Howletts they have managed to breed 131 infants at their wild animal parks.

Both parks make a fantastic day out in Kent and with the arrival of new infants to the park throughout the year visitors are sure to see something different each time they visit. Zoo keepers believe the new infant will depend on its mother to learn how to look after itself and raise its own infants one day.

Maybe adopt an animal?

There are various ways to support Howletts with their breeding programme: you can adopt an animal, make a donation or just visit their beautiful parks.