adopt an animalMy partner took me to Howletts Wild Animal Park on our First Date and ever since then we visit both Howletts and Port Lymone at least once a year to remember the occasion and visit our favourite animals. To mark the occasion we decided to each adopt an animal as anniversary gifts to each other as the parks and animal mean so much to our partnership.

Adopt an Animal

I went for the adopt a meerkat option because they are so cute and he went for the adopt a tiger option to probably state his manliness. Whilst giving us something to remember we are also helping the Aspinall Foundation charity look after these animals and aid their overseas conservation projects.

You can adopt an animal for just £3 a month, every little helps, we barely notice the money is missing and yet we are helping. We received adoption packs for our meerkat and tiger and we even have them as our PC wallpapers. We enjoy visiting the parks and try to spot the animals that we have adopted.

I’m starting to go adopt an animal mad as I think it is a great gift for someone, especially now when a lot of people have everything. My friends and family have most of the things they need so I think adopting an animal is a thoughtful gift, I try to think of animals they would be most like…could get me into trouble if I adopted an elephant for my Mum.