Adopt An Animal

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adopt an animalThese days it’s difficult not to feel a social responsibility to give something back to our communities and to charities. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can donate and do your bit.
There are many charities that give you the option to donate a small amount on a monthly basis. These are relatively easy to set up, and some allow you to simply text a number with a code.

Many endangered animal charities give you the option to adopt an animal. For a monthly fee, you will be sent information about your chosen animal and a cuddly toy or similar present which is designed to represent your adoptee. You will then be given regular updates about how your animal is progressing including how your donations are helping. This can be a particularly rewarding way to help support animal charities and support their work protecting animals in the wild and captivity.

If you can’t afford to give money, giving your time by volunteering can be just as beneficial. Almost every charity has volunteer placements, although these can be highly competitive, especially for very popular and well-known charities. Some volunteer placements require you to undergo training in order to get you prepared for the role, so be aware you may have to give up more time than you had originally thought.
Another way to help without spending much money is to complete a sponsored event. Many charities have high profile events that you can sign up to and gain sponsorship. These range from sporting events such as Race for Life, to annual events such as Comic/Sport Relief and Children in Need.

Whatever way you wish to choose to give something back, you can sleep soundly knowing that you’ve done your bit for society.


Port Lympne To Win Eden Award

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eden port lympnePort Lympne is one of my all-time favourite days out in Kent and I have just noticed that they have their wild animal park has been nominated for Eden’s Top Wildlife Attraction of the Year. I’m not surprised since they’ve opened their fantastic African Experience.

I have a Port Lympne passport which allows me to visit the park regularly as I don’t have to pay an entrance fee for a whole year with the passport. I adopt an animal every year as a way of contributing towards the wild animal park as they work in conjunction with The Aspinall Foundation charity. I am currently adopting a meerkat but next time I want to adopt a giraffe. I know they are slightly different in size but I recently saw the giraffes roaming free whilst on board a safari truck at Port Lympne and they looked stunning.

I am definitely going to head to the Eden website and vote for Port Lympne as I think they should be named Eden’s Top Wildlife Attraction. Voting doesn’t close until midnight on the 16th of September but I want to get mine in early in case I forget. If it isn’t enough to vote for a worthy charitable organisation like Port Lympne, voters are given the chance to win £3,000 worth of holiday vouchers. If I won from voting for Port Lympne I would definitely like to travel to one of their conservation projects to see the great work they do.

Adopt an Elephant – They never forget

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adopt an elephantWhile looking for a great day out in Kent I remembered a colleague talking about Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. She took her kids and her parents and said that it was a great day out for all of them. I think it’s rare these days that you can find somewhere that the whole family of various ages can really enjoy.

Adopt an Animal

I’ve had a look at their website and I don’t think I am going to be able to resist visiting the cute animals this weekend; I may even have to adopt an animal. My partner freaked when I said I wanted to adopt a tiger, he actually thought I was going to bring it home and install a cat flap. Once I told him that I could adopt a tiger and Port Lympne looked after it he thought it was a great idea.

My partner says he’s going to adopt an elephant because it reminded him of me, didn’t take that too kindly until he explained that it’s because I never forget. Not sure how I should be taking that either to be honest. Anyway the money raised goes towards helping the Aspinall Foundation so if I have to be an elephant it’s definitely worth it to help a great cause.

Adopt an Animal From Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

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adopt an animalMy partner took me to Howletts Wild Animal Park on our First Date and ever since then we visit both Howletts and Port Lymone at least once a year to remember the occasion and visit our favourite animals. To mark the occasion we decided to each adopt an animal as anniversary gifts to each other as the parks and animal mean so much to our partnership.

Adopt an Animal

I went for the adopt a meerkat option because they are so cute and he went for the adopt a tiger option to probably state his manliness. Whilst giving us something to remember we are also helping the Aspinall Foundation charity look after these animals and aid their overseas conservation projects.

You can adopt an animal for just £3 a month, every little helps, we barely notice the money is missing and yet we are helping. We received adoption packs for our meerkat and tiger and we even have them as our PC wallpapers. We enjoy visiting the parks and try to spot the animals that we have adopted.

I’m starting to go adopt an animal mad as I think it is a great gift for someone, especially now when a lot of people have everything. My friends and family have most of the things they need so I think adopting an animal is a thoughtful gift, I try to think of animals they would be most like…could get me into trouble if I adopted an elephant for my Mum.

Visit Port Lympne Safari Park this Summer

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If you haven’t been to Port Lympne’s new safari park I suggest you get it booked in the diary to take the kids during the summer holidays and visit the baby meerkats while they are babies. It is great to see the wild animals actually in the ‘wild’ with plenty of space to run around.

The wild animal park has recently greeted adorable meerkat kittens who have been let out into the open, two months after their birth. The three infants are now exploring their surroundings.

The great thing about Port Lympne is that you can purchase a Port Lympne passport which gives you admittance for a whole year. It is a perfect day out in Kent for the whole family. You can even adopt an animal while you are there or after your trip, this includes the adorable meerkats.

Adopt an animal for Mother’s Day

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Aspinall FoundationMother’s day is only a month away so I have started to look for gifts. I wanted to step away from the boring perfume, flowers and chocolates idea and get my Mum something a little different.
My Mum is an animal so I thought what would be more perfect than to adopt an animal for her.

Not only will this be something a bit different it will also help me with the financial side of things as I can pay for the animal monthly on her behalf. I think she would love the opportunity to visit an animal at Howletts animal park as it is not too far for her to travel.

Considering the economic environment is in a state of depression it also feels great that whilst buying a gift we are also helping a brilliant charity. If your mum loves animals why not have a look at the Aspinall foundation for the perfect gift this Mother’s day.