adopt an elephantWhile looking for a great day out in Kent I remembered a colleague talking about Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. She took her kids and her parents and said that it was a great day out for all of them. I think it’s rare these days that you can find somewhere that the whole family of various ages can really enjoy.

Adopt an Animal

I’ve had a look at their website and I don’t think I am going to be able to resist visiting the cute animals this weekend; I may even have to adopt an animal. My partner freaked when I said I wanted to adopt a tiger, he actually thought I was going to bring it home and install a cat flap. Once I told him that I could adopt a tiger and Port Lympne looked after it he thought it was a great idea.

My partner says he’s going to adopt an elephant because it reminded him of me, didn’t take that too kindly until he explained that it’s because I never forget. Not sure how I should be taking that either to be honest. Anyway the money raised goes towards helping the Aspinall Foundation so if I have to be an elephant it’s definitely worth it to help a great cause.